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So You Want to Write a Novel (SO FUNNY!)(by dwkazzie)

To Be A Good Writer, You MUST Read - SHELLI JOHNSON

Reading good writing can teach you about structure, dialogue, pacing, plot, using symbols & imagery to convey a point, you name it. It makes you ask questions like:

  • How did the author get the dialogue to feel so authentic?
  • What did he do on the page to make me feel so attached to the characters?
  • What did he do with the pacing that I can’t put this book down?
  • What word choices made the story feel alive?
  • What did he do structurally that made this book so engaging?

Author Ray Bradbury failed 11th grade language proficiency test, had to take remedial grammar his senior year. Never give up on your dreams.


Read intensely. Write every day. Then see what happens. Most writers who do that have very pleasant careers.
Ray Bradbury



(by anna xamsa)

I came on the old and best ways of writing
through ignorance and experiment and was startled when truths
leaped out of brushes like quail before gunshot
Ray Bradbury


fifteen days of my favourite things challenge:
  • day 1: favourite book/book series: Harry Potter